All in one inventory solution

Complete physical and logical management solution all in one

ConnectMaster is a comprehensive Location and Service Aware Network Inventory and Resource Management Platform. The tool provides an integrated Telecommunications inventory system with seamless integration between the GIS, physical and logical layer within one product.

The platform is modular and delivered as a complete package using a key to activate the individual modules. This allows customers to expand the solution as they grow or migrate new technologies and data piece by piece without needed to pay for everything all at once.

Scalable and affordable

Fit for small, medium or large networks at a price you can afford

ConnectMaster is built on an Oracle database foundation and uses the Microsoft .NET Framework to deliver its intuitive interface. Oracle is renowned for producing scalable database solutions and we utilize the standard configurations and development methodologies to ensure our solution delivers high performance for the growing operator to the Tier 1 Carrier.

Our prudent pricing structure makes us very affordable in comparison to our competition. With our modular functionality licensing and a pay as you grow pricing model our customers have been able to tackle their inventory management challenges piece by piece and step by step only purchasing the modules they require as they need it.

Fast implementation

Don't tie your capital up in a system that takes years to implement, meet your business demands ASAP

Implementation of any information system can be a complicated and long process especially if it involves the technical intricacies of a multi-vendor telecommunications network. Depending on your network size and functional requirements ConnectMaster can be implemented into your business within 3 to 6 months.

Customization and the reliance on development teams is often the cause of lengthy implementation. As our solution is completely configurable you will find that all the functionality required to model and manage your telecommunications infrastructure is available straight out of the box.

Streamline upgrade path

Customised solutions can be hard to upgrade. ConnectMaster can be upgraded with the push of a button

Our platform is developed on a single path development life cycle to ensure that all new development whether specific to a few customers or general to all are included in the same application. This allows ConnectMaster to be easily upgraded to new releases ensuring little to no impact on existing data and functionality

Upgrades are appropriately planned and utilize our proprietary upgrade tool to ensure all customers can upgrade to any release of our solution with the click of a button.

Multilanguage support

Get a solution that speaks your language

As a global system ConnectMaster supports multiple languages and is configured for the easy and quick deployment of new languages. Currently we support English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Should you require the ConnectMaster interface to display in a language not listed a new language pack can quickly and easily be created and deployed in a very short time frame.

Completely Configurable

Don't spend thousands of $$$ on customising an incomplete product

At Dynamic Design we pride ourselves on developing configurable solutions that do not require additional programing to meet the needs of new customers. Inventory management is a complicated challenge that has variety of solution methodologies. Our development model is based on configurable building blocks, preferences and settings that allow the user to easily configure how the solution and features will operate to match the requirements of the users.

We have had in depth exposure to clients from different verticals using Telecommunications infrastructure and we understand that the processes and requirements of a Power or Utility company are quite different to that of a Telco Carrier and vice versa. Our solution is not only flexible to meet the needs of the spectrum of our clientele but configurable so that our customers can explore and modify the functionality without needing professional services and intervention from the developers.