Physical Resource Management

Record all aspects of the physical network – Cables, Ducts, cabinets and racks, panels, connectivity, etc.

The physical resource management module, is a core module of ConnectMaster providing the basic building blocks to model, create and relate inventory including features such as:

• Outside plant assets (Pits, poles, cables, ducts, sub-ducts with associated lengths and attenuation)
• Inside plant assets (Racks, sub-racks, panels, ancillaries and associated containment)
• Fibre details, splicing, patching and connectivity.
• Record, edit and show end-to-end connectivity of fibre paths
• Easily model any network component with the component configuration library.
• Even where using ConnectMaster solely for physical inventory, ConnectMaster provides all the object types required for relating fibre circuits with usages, be they customer services, or transmission infrastructure links.

Logical Resource Management

Record all layers of the transmission network, from WDM to SDH and PDH to Ethernet links.

The Logical resource management module gives you the power to accurately model the structures and topologies of your telecommunications transmission network. This module includes features such as:

• Track relationships between each layer of transmission.
• Build circuit paths with cross-connections in transmission equipment.
• Model Multiplexers, cards, ports, switches used in the network in the flexible component library. Any equipment type can be modeled with configuration only.
• Modelling of logical circuits is flexible, can be used for any transmission type.
• Gives end-to-end connectivity of circuits and services.
• Supports multiple topologies, plus primary and protection paths for circuits.
• Produce capacity reports in schematic, geographic or tabular formats

GIS Mapping

Georgraphical representation is key to any modern physical network

One of the most powerful features of ConnectMaster’s inventory is geographic visualisation and editing of the network. Via an integrated mapping engine, powered by MapXtreme .Net toolkit, data can be retrieved, analysed and displayed geographically.

Enable your operations team to analyse potential impacts of work on a cable path of location just by selecting the object in a map. The maps are further enhanced with tile server support overlaying bing maps, as well as geocoding services to intuitively search and locate network sites and infrastructure.

Drawing Automation and Management

Why draw schematics when ConnectMaster can do it for you?

Visualise your network data with Microsoft Visio for generating schematics. Users can run Visio and generate drawings from with ConnectMaster, making circuit diagrams, rack elevations and floor plans, and network schematics on-the-fly. With numerous configuration options for each of the defined drawing types, schematic outputs can be configured by the clients to meet your specific needs.

With the integration of Visio, network infrastructure can be manipulated in the visio canvas, with changes reflected in the database, and vice-versa.

Drawing management features provide further controls over how, when and who can create or edit the generated network views.

Event and Impact Analysis

Understand the impact on your customers of planned and unplanned network events

One of the key modules that leverages the stored inventory data, Event and Impact Analysis gives the operations teams immediate access to analysis network-wide, as well as linking infrastructure directly to scheduled events.

It is possible to extract lists of affected customers and services and incorporate the information into e-mail templates for automated notification of scheduled works and/or outages. In addition, events are viewed from a calender to pick up any conflicting work activities (especially valuable for avoiding costly and embarrassing outages in protected network segments)

Data Interface

Maintain data accuracy and reduce manual entry by interfacing ConnectMaster with your OSS/BSS systems

Ensure data accuracy by linking with EMS/NMS’s. The data interface is configurable to follow business rules for how and when to update, how conflicts are managed, and how to act on any inconsistencies identified.

Maximise validity of reporting and business data by linking with BSS systems for service and customer data. Enrich ConnectMaster reports and schematics by reflecting state changes reported from NMS system. Enrich alarm descriptions in NMS and ticketing systems with data sourced from ConnectMaster.

Project Management

Manage and schedule deployment and operational projects within ConnectMaster

Support your planning and design teams to plan directly within the inventory system. The Project Management module allows planners to group network objects related to a project build.

They can build up a project scope as a series of stages / steps, supporting scheduling and reporting. Bill of Materials lists are generated giving easy access to project costs, as well as reporting for supply and logistics groups.

Enhanced Work Orders

Change management and scope of works all in one

Change management is an important requirement for any telecommunications network. Operations staff need to understand the status of the network the way it is today and be able to understand how the network will change tomorrow.

The work orders module provides users with the ability to store changes relating to the physical connectivity and logical cross-connecting/routing into a work order to be executed when the change to the network has actually taken place.

As the work order stores the change it can also be output and given to field workers so they understand the scope of the works they need to execute identifying all objects, associated connectivity and channel/timeslot information for workers to perform the change.

Producing work orders can be done using our automation interface for physical and logical path searching. Simply search for a path between the end points and ConnectMaster will return the path and create a work order to provision that path.

Work orders can also be reversed after execution allowing users to alternate the view to see what the final circuits will like pre/post works and providing a method to undo accidental executions.


Easy to use administration features take the complexity out of system administration

ConnectMaster comes with its own separate administration tool for managing admin features. The tool requires separate user and password authentication for added security and has a range of functions including:

• Database backup and restoration from backup file
• User creation, management and permissions
• License management
• Diagnostic tools and rectification scripts.
• System wide settings configuration
• Data interface configuration
• Report Creator/Designer