Duration: 36 months


RHB (Rhätische Bahnen) is a regional railway company in the eastern part of Switzerland and operates beside their Railway network also an extensive telecom network along the railway routes. This network bases on fiber optic and also on copper technology.
ConnectMaster manages the entire cable network infrastructure and assets consisting cables, physical links and connectivity information, splices, patches, cross connects, ODF`s , cabinets and also the services of the whole network.
Locations: 1.000
Cable – km (Fo und Co): 800
Splices: 100
Cabinets / ODF`s: 250
Physical  Links: 1.800
  • Design, Customizing & Implementation of the software solution ConnectMaster
  • Migration of all legacy data in ConnectMaster
  • System installation, test and system start op
  • Services for data capture
  • Training and implementation consulting