Government Transportation

Duration: 12 months


VicTrack is a regional railway company covering the Australian province of Victoria. VicTrack operates besides the train network also a comprehensive telecom network for their own needs but also offering services as a telecom carrier in Victoria.
ConnectMaster manages the whole passive and active telecom infrastructure for the the telecom network, mainly fiber- and copper cables, fiber-, wire connections, joints, cross wirings, patches, cassettes, ODF’s, tubes and sub tubes, chambers, multiplexers/cards for SDH, PDH, WDM und IP/ethernet, also services and logical connectivity. Furthermore interfaces to network management systems and to a GIS System have been implemented.
Locations: 12.000
Cable – km (FO und Co): 25.000
ODF‘s, Splices: 15.000
Multiplexers: 800
Cabinets: 9.000
Physical Links: 265.000
• Design, Customizing & Implementation of the Software ConnectMaster   • Migration of all legacy data in ConnectMaster   • GIS-Interface to ArcGIS   • NMS-Interfaces (Data adapter) to 2 NMS- systems (inventory and trails)   • System installation, test and start-up   • Training and implementation consulting