Engineering l Transportation

Duration: 36 months


ASFINAG is the state owned Austrian highway company and builds and maintains the whole Austrian highway network with a total length of about 2.200 km. Along the highway routs the company operates a telecom network mainly based on fiber technology for their own needs but also offering services as Carriers Carrier.
ConnectMaster manages the whole passive and active telecom infrastructure for the the telecom network, mainly fiber- and copper cables, fiber-, wire connections, joints, cross wirings, patches, cassettes, ODF’s, tubes and sub tubes, chambers, multiplexers/cards for SDH, PDH, WDM und IP/ethernet, also services and logical connectivity. Furthermore interfaces to network management systems and to a GIS System have been implemented.
Locations: 18.500
Cable – km (LWL und Cu): 5.000
Tubes – km: 2.200
Splices: 7.800
Multiplexers: 1.000
Cabinets, ODF`s: 2.500
Physical Links: 100.000
  • Design, Customizing & Implementation of the Software ConnectMaster
  • Migration of all legacy data in ConnectMaster
  • GIS-Interface to ArcGIS
  • NMS-Interfaces (DataAdapter) to 2 NMS- Systems (Inventory and Trails)
  • System installation, test and start-up
  • Training and implementation consulting