Duration: 12 months


ElectraNet is the owner and operator of the South Australian electricity transmission grid, with a 275 kV backbone transmission network transporting power throughout the state. In a joint project based on dedication, trust and open communication, CommTel and Dynamic Design has worked alongside South Australian electricity transmission specialist ElectraNet to carry out a comprehensive network data migration plan.
The project was undertaken without needing to expand ElectraNet’s existing in-house team. Together, the two companies implemented Connect Master, a best-of-breed telecommunications network inventory and design system. Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly, it provides an expansive and configurable platform for documenting all aspects of infrastructure-based telecommunications networks, giving users an integrated view of their operations. The network itself is comprised of copper, optical fibre, microwave PDH, SDH and IP technologies, all sourced from a wide range of manufacturers.
Locations: 573
Cable – km: 81
Splices: 35
Patch Panels: 10,539
Racks: 478
Copper Terminal: 257
Network Elements: 4.797
Connection Points: 172.617
  • Design, customizing & implementation of the software ConnectMaster
  • Data validation and remediation
  • Data migration of all legacy data and data import of a existing service and resource-database into ConnectMaster
  • System installation, test and start-up
  • Training and implementation consulting