Internet Service Provider

Duration: 6 months

Mora Telematika

Moratelindo is a wholesale telecom infrastructure provider established in 2000. We went global by opening an office in Singapore in conjunction with the construction of submarine cable MIC-1 (Moratelindo International Cable-system One) connecting Jakarta-Singapore. In 2010, the Government of Singapore granted a Facilities-Based Operations (FBO) license to Moratel International Pte. Ltd, as a network gateway for international leased line services. In Singapore, Moratelindo also built fiber optic networks and implemented DWDM (Dense Wavelength- division Multiplexing) to install greater backbone network capacity.
In 2016 Dynamic Design and WaveTek implemented its first Indonesian customer being MoraTelematika Indonesia. The project required large amounts of data migration of existing Google Earth and Excel data containing cable and core details for their entire LTE, FTTH and Backbone networks. This data was validated and converted by Dynamic Design specialists and promptly imported into the system. The implementation also required a long term babysitting arrangement where qualified staff from WaveTek remained onsite to assist with questions and further data correction and reconciliation post implementation. Data was successfully validated and migrated to the new ConnectMaster system on time and on budget. Moratel use ConnectMaster for planning and design in external plant, internal plant and their transmission network.
Locations; 7.246
Cable – km (FO and Co); 6.700
  • Completely turn-key solution
  • Network inventory software (Physical and Logical)
  • Implementation services
  • Data migration services
  • Design, customizing & implementation of the ConnectMaster solution
  • Custom development of web dashboard
  • Training
  • Testing and acceptance