Duration: 36 months

EON Netz

E.ON Netz GmbH manages for the EON Group the German wide power distribution network up to 100 kV.
ConnectMaster is used as the company wide centre piece of the whole documentation for the transmission network. The whole relevant network infrastructure as well as the related inventory, fiber and copper cables, fiber, wire connections, usages, joints, cross wirings, patches, cassettes, ODF’s, tubes and sub tubes, chambers, multiplexers/cards for SDH, PDH, WDM und IP/ethernet, as well as all services and logical connections are documented in the system. Furthermore we have implemented interfaces and data adapters to NMS and Alarm management systems.
Locations: 18.000
Cable – km (Fo und Co): 22.000
Distribution Frames: 35.000
Multiplexers: 2.500
Cabinets: 4.800
Physical Path / Links: 200.000
Circuits: 235.000
  • Design, Customizing & Implementation of the ConnectMaster solution
  • Migration of all legacy data (cables, locations, etc.) from different sources
  • Interface to NMS Systems for cyclical data import (Trails SDH/ PDH, IP/Ethernet)
  • System installation, test and start-up
  • Training and implementation consulting