ISE Expo 2019

Forth Worth, Texas, USA

Netcon as partner of Dynamic Design for our Network Inventory Management Software ConnectMaster confirms its presence at the ISE Expo 2019 and will present the following session:
Telecom Inventory Management as the Core of the DevOps Strategy
With the exponential growth of connected devices, estimated to be more than 50 billion in the year 2020, and the constant pressures to reduce prices of data communication services, caused by factors such as the highly competitive scenario and new OTT technologies, telecommunication service providers should continually seek opportunities for optimization and automation of the organizational processes with the goal of increasing operational efficiency by producing faster and larger-scale results. In line with this concept of continuous search for automation is the DevOps idea – a methodology that combines agile software development techniques geared to producing a more productive and cooperative environment within organizations. DevOps aims at increasing the company’s operational profitability by constantly analyzing its business processes and interactions among the different teams, identifying opportunities to optimize data flows and promote automation and integration of people, processes and tools. Considering that the network infrastructure is key for the revenue generation, the adoption of a centralized inventory management platform will allow better control and knowledge of the available resources and will serve as the source of truth for the construction of intelligent tools required throughout the network lifecycle management. The lecture will present successful cases of service providers that adopted the network inventory centralization as a key piece of their business’ transformation aligned with the new requirements of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution.