Google GIS Ability to use Google Maps as a background layer

Users now have the ability to use google maps as a background layer, as well as use the Google address search and address at coordinate services. Connect Master also includes Google Services, which allow the users to search using “Address search” and “Address at location”. Users can now view the Street View of a location from within ConnectMaster by clicking on a spot within the Geo View. Users can use the Address at Coordinate service to determine the address at a specific point. User can use Google Routing to find the optimal path between points for new cables.

Characteristics Faster localisation of faults

Benefits “Support Google Maps and services”

Faster Localisation of Faults

Users can now use Google Maps as a background layer if it is enabled within the CM license.

Customer Service Increase

Users can switch on Google Maps as the background layer, only by clicking on the “Google Maps” button.

Location Optimisation

Google Street View API has been added to the Google API functionality within ConnectMaster.


Users now have the ability to display Google Maps using the “Grayscale” option. When enabled this will display google maps in shades of grey as opposed to the normal colour representation

Key Features Providing exceptional value for operations, planning, design and sales’ teams

Brochures Helping you to improve data quality and consistency

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