Impact Analyser Identifies what service impacts when a fault or maintenance occurs

The Impact Analyser is a powerful operational tool that takes an object as its input and then calculates what service impact will occur if this object was to go faulty or taken offline for maintenance purposes.

The analyser verifies protection protocols and reports if a loss of protection has occurred or if bandwidth has been reduced in circumstances like LCAS (Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme).

Characteristics Faster response to faults and maintenance

Benefits Empowering companies to response to faults in a prompt manner

Impact management

Enables the user to determine which elements, bearers and services were affected by failures in components, physical paths and transmission objects.

Affected elements

Are displayed independent of the initial element for which analysis is being performed.

Damaged/protected elements

All elements affected by a failure are divided into disabled and protected categories enabling easy triage of a network problem.

Email templates

Alert the customers and other interested parties about failures that affect them by email from the interface.

Key Features Providing exceptional value for operations, planning, design and sales’ teams

Brochures Helping you to improve data quality and consistency

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