Design and Planning Creating new data in the system and producing quality design.

ConnectMaster™ has a number of design and planning tools that make creating new data in the system and producing quality design outputs quick and easy. The Project Management module is a great tool for grouping components associated with a new build or service to be used as the input to a variety of reports such as Bill of Materials, Work Order Instructions or Circuit Diagrams.   The solution also contains a number of wizard functions for common operations such as splitting a cable, creating an object or finding fibre paths or a logical transmission path. Auto-naming is another efficiency feature that allows complex naming conventions to be associated with different object classes, so that when they are created in the system they do not require manual entry.

Main Characteristics ConnectMaster ™ has a number of design and planning tools

Project Management

The Project Management module provides a workspace for identifying all the relevant components relating to a specific design. The project object is used to create a variety of configured design documents for implementing the project including, connectivity diagrams, bill of materials and work orders. Any number of attributes can be associated to a project including designer, approver and revision number to help manage the various designs in the system. Additional Features:
  • Ability to build up a project recording all the necessary asset and connectivity changes.
  • Ability to build up a project scope as a series of steps.
  • Schedule projects in the event management scheduler.
  • Batch Produce reports such as Bill of Materials, Connectivity Diagrams and Work Orders.

Visio Drawing Automation

The drawing automatic module provides the functionality for creating on-the-fly diagrams from the database directly into Microsoft Visio. Additional Features:
  • Produce Physical Network diagrams displaying cables between locations
  • Produce Physical Connectivity diagrams displaying connectivity between components
  • Product Logical Network diagrams displaying overall network topology and port to port logic
  • Produce circuit/service diagrams showing cross-connects, topology, channel allocations and protection between delivery points
  • Produce Splice schematics
  • Produce simple to detailed rack elevations
  • Customise data transfer between database and diagrams to display information such as name or capacity
  • Navigate from diagrams objects to the ConnectMaster® detail forms

Drawing Management

Drawing management is a great addition to the drawing automation module and provides the following features:
  • Manages drawings individually using a hierarchical structure
  • Check in and Check out drawings for multi user environments
  • Manage and store versions of drawings
  • Relate drawings to the objects contained within them for visibility in detail forms.
  • Check the contents of a drawing to ensure its accuracy
  • Automatically collect and collate drawing contents

FTTx Rapid Network Planner

The FTTx module enables users to create P2P and PON FTTx networks quickly and easily. Additional Features:
  • Extensive functionalities for automated planning and documentation of FTTx networks
  • Flexible use for all FTTx technologies (P2P and PON) and infrastructure (ducts, micro-ducts, splice-enclosures, cables, fibres, etc.)
  • Automation of the entire process, from rough planning to the preparation of construction documents and work orders, including detailed specifications of costs for individual building projects.
  • Creation of all end-to-end fibre connections and interconnections within the relevant ducts and sub-ducts. In the process, splice enclosures and cassettes and the connectivity of the cables at the junctions will be considered and automatically established within the system.

Auto-routing and Work Orders

This module includes the following functionality:
  • Automated Physical Routing Wizard to find a physical circuit path between 2 locations in the cable network.
  • Automated Transmission Routing Wizard to find transmission sections between Network Elements
  • Generate work orders manually or as a result of an Automated Routing Wizard routine.
  • Print work orders to instruct staff how to execute changes in the network
  • Execute work orders when works have been completed.

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