Integration Interface with the live network

One of the key features of the ConnectMaster’s logical management is the ability to interface with the live network management system to synchronise an up-to-date representation of the network Physical inventory components (such as sub-racks and cards) as well as network topology data can be synchronised from the NMS. This mean all components, transmission circuits and service topology can be reconciled on an incremental or instant basis depending on the capabilities of the NMS and the business processes of the customer.

Main Characteristics Integrating existing databases and NMS


The Application Programmable Interface (API) enriches ConnectMaster’s functionality by enabling third-party applications to read and write new data directly into the database via a web services based interface. The API allows:
  • Data synchronisation with other business and operations systems
  • Building of custom applications tailored to specific customer requirements
  • All data changes performed by the API are also recorded in the system by the History Module

Key Features Providing exceptional value for operations, planning, design and sales’ teams

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