Operational Supporting the operations and maintenance of the network

One of the key objectives of an inventory management platform is supporting the operations and maintenance of the network. ConnectMaster™ is a comprehensive database of record that is easy navigation from the physical infrastructure to customer services or vice versa. It contains a scheduling system for planning events which can be used in conjunction with the projects module to understand what works are occurring in the network and when.

Main Characteristics ConnectMaster™ supports network’s operations

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis is a powerful operational tool that takes an object as its input and then calculates what service impact will occur if this object was to go faulty or taken offline for maintenance purposes.
  • Impact management – Enables the user to determine which elements, bearers and services were affected by failures in components, physical paths and transmission objects.
  • Affected elements – Are displayed independent of the initial element for which analysis is being performed.
  • Damaged/protected elements – All elements affected by a failure are divided into disabled and protected categories enabling easy triage of a network problem.
  • Email templates – Alert the customers and other interested parties about failures that affect them by email from the interface.

Event Management

The event management module provides the following features:
  • Event management – Define and manage events organised in a calendar view.
  • Events – Enables the user to classify events with a time frame (beginning-end) for components, physical paths or allocations.
  • Event types – Generate a library of event types to categorise events.
  • Event filter – Search ConnectMaster® for events by timeframe or type.

Power Management

With the power management module power supply, distribution and consumption details can be managed. Some of the features of this module are:
  • AC and DC power management
  • Modelling of power supply, backup generation, distribution and components
  • Management of power networks
  • Automatic power usage calculation as power is supplied and consumed by network components
  • Generation of power summary reports

Field Services Mobile Client

The new Mobile Web Client will provide a light weight tool for remote field staff to quickly view information and redline information and view key network information.

Key Features Providing exceptional value for operations, planning, design and sales’ teams

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