ConnectMaster Release

Version 6.76 SP20

In order to improve the benefit in practical application of ConnectMaster a bundle of features have been added:

Field Service Module

Web-App for mobile End-Devices to support field service technicians in on-site work. Initial module version with functionality to ‘Find’ and ‘Navigate’ through the network inventory and making ‘Notes (Redlining)’ to store findings from on-site work.

Hierarchical Status Control

Configuration and enforcement of rules to control the allowed states of a network component in relation to it’s parent and/or child components.

Microsoft Exchange DSE

Publish Events from the ConnectMaster Scheduler into a public calendar on Microsoft® Exchange™

MPLS VPN Enhancements; Layer 3 VPN (VPRN):

Enhancing the MPLS-module by adding to existing Layer 2 VPN Services (VLL, VPLS) also the L3-VPN Service (VPRN). Virtual Instances may be used also for L2-VPNs (VPLS)

Event Management Enhancements:

Extend the capabilities of the ‘Events’ object by Event autonumbering, ability to attach multiple objects and attributes to an Event

Drawing Management Enhancements:

Several enhancements have been added to facilitate better integration with external document management systems. (3rd Party Plugin Support, Status Field, Free Attributes)

Attributes Editable in Result Pools:

Edit attribute values directly within the search pool window

Location Explorer Tree Collapse Options:

Improve the usability of the Data Explorer Tree-View by introduction of new collapse functionality