ConnectMaster Release

Versão 6.76 SP21

In order to improve the benefit in practical application of ConnectMaster a bundle of smaller features have been added based on function requests raised by customers. Event Based Impact Analysis: Run the Impact Analyzer on certain date/time und consider the impact of parallel events. Assembly Planning Layers: General Enhancement in order to document separately an As-Built – and a Planned Assembly of a Container-Object (e.g. Rack) or Network Element. The Front- and Back Layer of Racks as well as the Card- /Backplane Layer of Network Elements can be drawn in standard Visio schematic drawings for the As-Built- and the Planned-Situation. Mandatory Attribute Values for Components: Define certain attributes of components as mandatoryLayer Layer 3 VPN (VPRN): Impact Analysis: The Impact Analyzer considers the L3VPN network architecture consisting out of a ‘Core MPLS Network’ (MPLS Mux connected via service tunnels) and the access ‘Attachment Circuits’