ConnectMaster Release

Versão 6.76 SP19

In order to improve the benefit in practical application of ConnectMaster® a bundle of features have been added based on function requests raised by customers:

Network Segmentation:

The network inventory (Locations, Network Components, Network Services) in the ConnectMaster® database can now be split into separated areas, so called ‘Network Segments’.

The basic method for separation is to select full Location Systems, branches in the Location Hierarchy or also just single Locations and with that defining uniquely a Network Segment.

Based on that administration tools are available to assign the related Sub-Locations, contained Network Components and Network Services (Logical Connections) also to the respective Network Segments.

Attributes and States for Connection Points:

Status and Attributes are now available for component connection-points. They can be defined on component type level. Access is also available via WebAPI / .NET API functions

Drop-Planning – New Rules for Customer Cabinets:

Via rules the assignment of cabinets at BEP locations can be defined to be individually per customer