Managed Services

We deliver and manage turnkey projects

Manfred Wetzlmair
Dynamic Design l CEO
As part of the Services Portfolio Dynamic Design provides the complete End to End Turnkey project, being the Outsourcing business model the way to execute and look after your daily routine activities and tasks, providing higher response including direct access to senior product consultants. Therefore, you will focus on your core activities while we keep up to date all the Records and Inventory from your Telecommunications network, including any technology and any vendor. This below diagram include all the most important phases part of the complete Turnkey Project to be executed:  

Benefits Empowering companies to achieve network inventory objectives

OPEX Reduction

Decrease your Operational Expenses while Dynamic Design take care of the whole turnkey project, without affecting your core business

Improved Sales Efficiency

Improve your sales cycle by handling and optimizing the high volume of legacy systems while having a clean combined Records and Inventory environment

Focus on your Core Business

By Dynamic Design taking the full control of your Records and Inventory system, you can stay focus and not get distracted by IT Systems

Reduce Risk

As part of the Outsourcing model, Dynamic Design will make sure that the new system remains in the same development line as the rest of yours product in order to reduce any risk